Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas countdown: 23 days left

When I'm driving my son to his sensomotoric rehabilitation lesson, I skid and swerve on the snowplough forgotten streets. But the journey past the Szczytnicki Park is a feast for the eyes: the old thick fir trees, planted by Germans when they used to live here before WW2, with their heavy snow caps make it all look like Narnia, or some other fairy-tale setting.

Later, as I'm pushing my trolley around the shopping mall and searching for products to be exchanged for a gift voucher that expires today, I'm trying to picture some Christmas presents for all the kids in the family. Not to mention the adults. This year I have virtually no ideas, except for the suspension bridge for a woodem railway that my son has asked Santa Claus so expressly for. The rest is vague, which nicely matches my ignorance of my relatives' dreams and wishes. The more I dig into the shelves, the more obscure those visions become. Some shapes are slowly emerging from the alarming emptiness in my head and I wonder if that process will ever reach the speed necessary to make it before the Christmas Eve. I'm not panicking, ok?

Monday, 29 November 2010

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

November passed in the blink of the eye, it seems, although it was tough; days went by to the rythm of the plagues of Egypt, with the kids falling ill from all sorts of viruses - and I'll spare you details.

I somehow cannot keep up with the pace of the changing seasons; I opted for fixing the golden and red leaves to the branches permanently, but no, everything is gone, and what we're getting outisde the window is the monochromatic blend of black and grey, and from today on - white. Only in the shopping malls can you get the blinding extravaganza of colours, unfortunately in the form of the utter kitch of Christmas decor. Thank God I have children, they are so happy about the snow that I have no choice but to share their enthusiasm, while contemplating if we have enough warm caps, scarfs and most importantly - gloves. And also, I participate in their joy of writing to Santa Claus, even though I have to schedule somehow buying the items they describe.

And in Wales they had the coldest night in the last 89 years, with the temperature plunging to -18. Maybe it's not so bbad here, after all:)