Thursday, 7 July 2011

teacher on holiday

I like many things about teaching but today I want to mention holidays. I've never had to alter my notion of July and August as holidays (ok, maybe except for the times of my youth when I worked in summer). Students go on holiday, and so do I.

That does not mean I am as free as the wind and idle. Towards the end of June I simply change into an itinerant mother with two kids, bags, backpacks, baskets and the like. In the beginning I have to kick myself out of the office, because I delude myself I love the perfect predictability of daily routines and don't want to jump into the chaos of searching for my belongings arranged in new places, "no schedule" or a makeshift schedule of you-never-know-what-the-weather-will-be-like.

But after several days of being a professional holiday maker, I don't know how I was able to stick to the office for the whole year, to do my chores and not much more than this.

Right now I'm in the countryside, it's been a two-week stay already. There's the hammock, black and red currant, birds chirping, and nearly no traffic apart from incidental bikes or tractors. Husband and children, all of us together from dawn to dusk, like in some "Little House on the Prairie" series.

So sad it can't last forever. But maybe then it wouldn't be this precious. Besides, it's only the beginning of July. Soon I'll pack the bags again and move elsewhere.

And for all those who envy;) I'd like to remind that the only hindrance of a two-month holiday (when you have your own business, like me) is that it is totally... unpaid. Isn't but freedom priceless?